Third Reich and WW2 Private Tour

Berlin | Half day
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Tour by Matti Geyer
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Some tour stops may be changed or excluded in case of poor weather or natural disasters.

Embark on a poignant journey through Berlin's history, delving into the chilling echoes of its darkest epochs—World War II and the Holocaust. This tour unveils the haunting remnants of that era, guiding you through the scars etched by these monumental events. Wander along the once-pivotal government street, Wilhelmstrasse and stand atop the site of Hitler's bunker, where one of the world's most infamous figures met his end.

Moving through the old Jewish neighborhood, the tour embraces memorials that stand as poignant tributes to the countless lives lost during the Nazi Regime. Each memorial is a solemn reminder of the human cost of war and the horrors of persecution, preserving the memory of those who perished. The tour allows you to witness tangible remnants of the past—bullet holes marking facades, ruins that silently narrate tales of destruction, bunkers that sheltered in fear, and even the presence of tanks, all relics of a time of immense upheaval and struggle.

In the Third Reich, Berlin was a stage for pivotal events, such as the horror of Crystal Night, a turning point towards the Holocaust. As WWII raged, Berlin became a battleground, enduring devastating bombings. The Battle of Berlin, including the intense Battle of the Reichstag, symbolized Nazi Germany's fall. These events left enduring scars on the cityscape, recounting Berlin's tumultuous past.