Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Tour

Rome | 2.5 - 3 hours
Tour price starts at
EUR 70
Tour by Jamie
Personalized tour available
Offered in: English
Some tour stops may be changed or excluded in case of poor weather or natural disasters.

The number 1 tourist attraction in the world is the Colosseum. So of course when you see it, you want to be told interesting facts and stories about it and the world when it was created. The Colosseum has different levels, and access, and we can accommodate tours for all of these.

Matt Millias
April 18, 2024
For our 25th anniversary, I asked my wife Jill and our three children, Hannah, Connor, and Brandon, "If there was one country in the world you could visit, where would it be?" Everyone's #1 choice was Italy. So in August 2019, we flew from Boston to Rome for a 5-city adventure. Luckily for us, friends had recommended a private tour guide for the first two days in Rome. The guide bridged the language barrier, erased the confused tourist expressions from our faces, and provided the valuable insider information we were hoping for. The guide made the major stops (Vatican, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon) much more enjoyable, not only because of historical knowledge, but also because they shared traveling tips, current events, and shopping advice. While enjoying an early aperitivo and a late dinner, they even shared some personal experiences that made them feel like family. The guide enhanced our trip ten fold and made it an experience of a lifetime.

David Doherty
April 18, 2024
My wife and I traveled to Italy in early May 2019 We arrived in Rome for 3 days then spent another 7 days in Florence and other small daily excursions We hired a private tour guide while in Rome including a full day of many relevant sites. The guide spent time with me online during our planning stages which was an incredible help. It helped me outline not only what I would expect during our day spent with there, but was a great help letting me know what to expect from arrival at the airport, best travel arrangements, best areas to stay, eat and visit during our free time. We also got help in understanding what to expect in Florence including best restaurants etc. During our full day together, our guide blended right in and was like having another fun family member.

Amy Bennett
April 18, 2024
Roman Vacations gave me the Rome I never knew I needed. A deep-dive into history and culture, and a far cry from your average tourist experience. Engaging and concise, the guides are top-notch; you feel like they are good friends you've known for years.

Joanne Mezzoprete
April 18, 2024
We had the pleasure of working with an incredible guide on our first trip to Italy. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the history, as well as the culture of Rome. He created a personalized experience for our entire family, based on our preferences, that made the tour interesting, memorable and fun. We are so grateful for our time in Rome. They created wonderful memories for us. We are excited to use their services again.

Randy Casciano
April 18, 2024
Before we even arrived in Rome we knew we were in good hands. Our guide took the time to understand and listen to what we were interested in seeing and experiencing. As a result my wife and I along with her parents were provided with a culturally immersed experience of a lifetime. Our guide's knowledge of Roman history captivated us as we made our way from one cultural site to another. With our time in Rome limited, being affiliated with an experienced guide meant less time spent in lines and more time experiencing all that Rome had to offer us. We highly recommend Roman Vacations to help plan your visit.

Bridget O'connor
April 18, 2024
I was fortunate to have a private half day tour of Ancient Rome with my guide. This tour was tailored especially for me and was undoubtedly the best way to see and learn more about the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Got an exceptional guide who was very personable, informative and engaging. The guide passed on some invaluable knowledge about the landmarks and their incredible history. I highly recommend Roman Vacations for anyone looking for a unique and wonderful tour experience! Thanks guys!